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In order to share and spread the "sunshine culture" in time, create a clean working atmosphere for Rsun employees, and bring equal cooperation, mutual trust and win-win cooperation environment for partners. Rsun Group official complaint micro signal "honest Rsun" has been officially launched!

Important hints

1.Encourage real name reporting, we promise to keep the personal information and content of real name reporting strictly confidential, and give timely feedback to the investigation results.

2.The whistleblower shall, as far as possible, explain the basic process of the matter, the name, address and specific parties of the reporting object, and provide evidence or other relevant information about the infringement of the interests of the person or the company.

President's complaint Email

Audit and supervision center complaint Email

Audit and supervision center complaints hotline

+86 025-88019009 +86 025-88019093

By "official account of Rsun WeChat,"

Log in to wechat, click "top right corner" - "add friends" - "scan", and scan the QR code below. Or click "add friends" in the "upper right corner" and input "honest and honest Rsun" to search and add attention.